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Finally a business who can install, maintain, upgrade and service both your Data Network and Security infrastructure.

At Gedzah Security, we offer complete service and installation of data networks for the home and business. 

Data Network Service & Installation

From a single network, telephone, or coaxial cable to a multi-story structured communications network, we can help.

Gedzah Security can supply, install and maintain your data network and ensure your devices are running smoothly.

We will start by understanding your existing cabling infrastructure and its operational requirements. If you need a cable, we know what type and know how to install it.

Typical Services

We can install a range of cabling types and structures including Cat5e, Cat6 and Coax.

Some standard services we can provide are listed below:

  • Cat5e, Cat6 and Coax

  • Additional data outlets

  • Complete network outlet installations

  • Communications cabling

  • Cabling tidy ups

  • WiFi hotspot and access point cabling