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Can I get a security system on finance?

Yes, we can provide interest free finance through a company called Humm.

If you’d like to find out more about our interest free payment plans, you can get in
touch with us right here.

If I purchase my own security system and equipment, will you carry out the installation?

Unfortunately, no.

Installing systems supplied by us means we can give you all the after sales support you require and any warranty issues will be taken care of by us

Can I add more cameras to my security system?

Yes, we can customise a system from 4 to 16+ cameras so you can continue to add-on to your security.

If you’d like to add more cameras to your home or office, get in touch right here for a free quote today!

Can I view my security cameras remotely from my smartphone or tablet?


Provided you have internet at your home or office and mobile data for your smart device.

I have a 3G/4G modem at home, can I still get and view the cameras on my phone?

Most likely yes

Get in touch for more info.

What is the difference between the megapixels?

More megapixels means more clarity

So when you zoom in on an image taken by the CCTV system it will still remain clear.

Can I increase my hard drive so that I have more recording time?


We can supply more hard drive space if you require longer record times.