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High Definition

You’ll be able to see everything! Installing a high definition CCTV camera can provide you with crystal clear footage of your premises anytime of day. 

High Resolution Both Day and Night

Crystal clear footage day and night! All cameras used at Gedzah Security are equipped with night vision and infra-red sensors. This high resolution footage will ensure you get the best capture 24/7. 

Phone Access from Anywhere

Now you can control your home or office security from your smartphone!

Access your security system anywhere at any time using your phone app, where you can arm and dis-arm directly from your device. Using visual verification, you can also see exactly what caused the alarm to sound, ensuring you know if your property was under significant threat.

Commercial Grade

All of our supplied security cameras are suited to work both indoors and outdoors, providing securing for all spaces on your premises. Our cameras are moisture, dust and impact resistant, ensuring a long life after install.